Nostalgia Critic’s reaction to the theme of Doug’s First Movie; requested by anonymous! (x)


For when someone says something that makes no sense.


risuaita asked:

Hello! Thanks for the awesome gifs :D I was wondering, could you do a gif of NCs TMNT review when he was close to the camera and said “I have no intrest of what going on” Thanks :)

There it is!<3


From Bum Reviews - To Boldly Flee

(My first gifs! And I learned how to make gifs just for this joke.)




The OTHER Animated Titanic Movie review.

He actually says “Pardone” in a heavily French accent, but I figure some people wouldn’t be able to guess the translation.

A very disturbed Nostalgia Critic from the Odd Life of Timothy Green review, as requested by anon.

Anonymous asked:
Have you any gifs of any of the three Nostalgic Commercials videos?

I’m afraid not :(

Also, to the other person who requested a gif a couple days ago (or weeks), I forgot what it was you wanted!! I blame the fact that I answered your request privately. If you still want the gif, send me another ask, please!!

Anonymous asked:
Do you do gif requests? Because I desperately need a gif of NC from the Timothy Green review: during the scene where the family is making music, and the wife chimes in, the part where NC leers back in horror, that moment, I just love it.

I’ll get on it, but I’m about to step out the door, so I won’t be able to for a couple of hours (I’ll be back at around 6 pm eastern time, though! I’ll get it done before the day is over, if you can wait.).